A telemedicine Tele-visit is a scheduled appointment where you can see and speak to your doctor via a device such as a cell phone, tablet/iPad, laptop or desktop computer. This type of visit allows your doctor to address your medical concerns while also comprehensively reviewing your current medications, past and current problems and formulate a personal medical plan, all without the need to travel to the office.

There are 2 different ways that you can connect with your physician for a Tele-visit.

1. If you are web-enabled through the practice and can access the Patient Portal , you can connect with your physician via the Healow mobile phone app.

Click here for Healow Instructions

2. Our office is also using a new, easy-to-use telemedicine service called Doxy . All you need is a good internet connection and webcam. No downloading needed!

Click here for Doxy Instructions

* Please make sure to notify the office at the time you make your Tele-visit appointment which method of connection you will be using.